Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Sahara Desert on my head

Ughhh, Dry hair!!! WHY ME?
Dry hair lacks moisture and presents a problem for most naturals. Since becoming natural I have noticed that I have to do more to keep my hair moisturized. Here are some of the things that I have been doing to help retain/lock-in moisture.
- Co-wash, co-wash, co-wash
Co-washing is the process of washing your hair with conditioner alone, the shampooing step is skipped. Removing the shampooing step keeps the sulfates that are in most shampoos from stripping your hair and scalp of its natural oils.
-Deep Conditioning
Deep conditioning requires some time and can be done with or without heat. Typically 30 minutes or more is ideal for this treatment. Pick a day that you have some time to lounge around so you can truly reap the benefits. I use a heat cap when I have extra time. When I have to some cleaning to do I slip on a shower cap and let my natural body heat do the work. If you have a hectic schedule you can do your deep conditioning in the shower. Apply the deep conditioner as soon as get in. This way it has more time for the moisture to absorb into your hair. The steam from the shower will do the rest.
- Cold water rinse
It sounds scarier than it actually is. Cold water rinse lock in the moisture after you deep condition your hair. This is a MUST!!! So after you rinse your hair with luke warm water (NEVER HOT) turn the faucet to a cooler setting to close your cuticle. It also help reduce frizz and adds shine. An open cuticle of hair is more vulnerable than a closed one.
- Moisturizing Leave-In
This helps with the detangling step and provides slip. There are tons of great leave-ins on the market. Find one that works for your particular hair type.
- Moisturize and seal
You can do this nightly or every other day. I moisturize and seal nightly 3 days after I co-wash. I don't like weighed down hair. My moisturizer is different from my leave-in. I use Giovanni's Direct leave-in and African Pride moisturizer for my nightly regimen. If I notice that my hair is getting dry before 3 days I just start my regimen sooner.
Sealing is the act of applying a light oil over your tresses after you have moisturized it. Which aids in finally locking in all that moisture.
- Satin...oh how I love thee
DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT sleep with a cotton scarf or pillow case. Cotton dries the hair shaft out and snags it. Don't believe me look for yourself, you will see tiny little hairs stuck in your pillow. Trust me as soon as you make the switch you will see the difference. I have a satin bonnet and pillow case because when I sleep my satin bonnet  sometimes comes off in the middle of the night. It is an investment that you will not regret.

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