Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wash Day Play-by-Play

Yesterday was a very eventful day for my hair and I. It involved a hot oil treatment (H.O.T), Pibbs Kwik Dry, Huetiful and Clairol Beautiful Collection in wine brown. I know it is a lot but there was a reason behind all of it (which will come in a later post).

Now to the hot oil treatment....

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I fell off the wagon

The hair care wagon that is. I have been neglecting my hair in the worse way. Moisturizing, no. Being gentle, no. Giving it the much needed TLC that natural tresses require, no. How can I post about hair when I'm not doing what needs to be done. Major changes have been going on in my life and my hair is the one suffering for it. I just throw a wig on and go but tonight I came across a video that got me back on track....

It's not the length of the hair, it's the health of it that amazes me. Who am I kidding the length is a plus =)