Thursday, March 1, 2012

Drum roll please.....


 Congratulations hun, your poem was very inspiring to naturals, transitioners and those toying with the idea to go natural. I loved it. Thanks for taking the time submit your entry. For those of you missed it, here is the winning entry:

I speak the language of love through the coils of my hair,
I learned the virtue of patience through its tangling snares,
The love that has grown throughout my natural love affair,
Is a love slowly declared and wasn't always there

Going thru the motions of an unconscious scissor showdown,
I didn't realize the effect short hair could have on me,
A continuous hassle of a five month throw down,
Caused me to question if I was ready for this mentally,

Tossed into an evolution I never saw coming,
Fitness, to skin care, to nails and fashion,
These things was something that I always kept running,
And never thought they would end up my passions

Three years later, there's a mane in the mirror,
Evolution is as bright as the vision is clearer,
The girl I would dream about being in the past,
Is finally standing before me at last.

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