Monday, August 13, 2012

Hair Dairy

A great way to keep track of what products you have used and the results is to keep a hair journal or dairy.  When you first decide to go natural, if your like me you immediately want to jump in and try all the hair products that are out there for us. Which can lead you down the path of becoming a product junkie. With all those hair products under the sink it can be really hard keeping track of what works for you and what you really didn't like. Hair dairy's not only work for products but are a great way to start a customized regimen. It can be very detailed or short and to the point. I usually keep my dairy in my phone, so I know what works for me on the go. I have decided to include excerpt from my dairy to document my journey on CCT. My entries are brief, you can choose what works for you. Feel free to share your own excerpts.

13 Aug 2012

 Co-washed hair with Tresemme  Naturals, moisturized with Silk Hair Dreams Mocha Hair Milk and sealed with Henna Sooq Cocoveda Hair Oil. Back in cornrows for about a week or two. Parted down the middle 6 cornrows on each side. Spritzed hair with water, glycerin and Aussie moist mixture. Left side- Curl Max Moisturizer Activator (received from Natural Hair Meet Up) and right side- Eco Styler gel (didn't have great results previously with this gel). Did not like the way the Curl Max felt on my hair initially, check for results after take down. Eco Styler went on smooth with no issues.

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