Thursday, October 11, 2012

Quick Challenge Update

I took down the two cornrows in the front perimeter of my hair tonight after oiling my scalp to moisturize my hair. While I am in cornrows I do not take them down to perform the L.O.C method, I just spritz my hair with water. Since I use a pretty heavy oil, I find that when I am in cornrows that water will suffice until I do a complete take it down. I am wigging it while in cornrows, so the front tends to get a little bit drier than the rest.   I was very surprised to see that I had growth. I did not expect to see any growth because I dusted my ends two weeks into this challenge but I got GROWTH!!!! I can't wait to share pictures. I didn't take any tonight because I need to wash my hair and I didn't want it resting against my face for too long. I can be paranoid like that when it comes to break outs. Hopefully pics will be up this weekend.

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