Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Time to get back to hair

Products...how I love thee. I am a recovering product junkie. I was just like every other woman who decided to make a life change when I cut my hair. Going natural after years better yet decades of relaxing your hair, I think we tend jump into the mind frame of "I have to find what works for my hair" but at any cost. I think it's natural after every 6 to 8 weeks of slathering a relaxer on your hair, you found what worked or somewhat worked for your chemically treated hair, so you want to find your new staples...but in a month or two. Then you start stressing and getting fed up with your hair and thoughts of the creamy crack start dancing like sugar plums in your head. When it took probably years to find out what worked for you while you were relaxed. See, where I am going...I know it's getting a bit redundant but I want it to stick in your mind. This way you won't turn in to like a product junkie like me. You haven't seen this "new" texture in years be patient and listen, your hair will tell you what it needs.

Jumps off soap box...

I plan on doing one product review each week for 7 weeks.  It will feature the good, the bad and the ugly for me; meaning what worked for me or did not. I will try my best to only feature products that you can obtain in sample sizes, if you are interested. I am not being paid by any of the companies featured and all products were purchased by lil ol" me.  Also, I will share a tip that I believe will help you quiet your inner junkie or ease the frustration that you might be going through after each review. Until then here is one for free:

Tip #:1 You hair is as unique and beautiful as you are. The same way there is only one you; each one of your coils, kinks and curls are its own individual. Keep your head up, God makes no mistakes and he definitely didn't do it with your hair.

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