Saturday, September 29, 2012

What do you type...

When you are hiding your hair under a protective style? Hmmm, well I am in cornrows at the moment, sitting here contemplating about getting highlights. I know coloring natural hair has been a thing of controversy. Are you still natural if you have a chemical service done on your hair? Many are quick to say you are no longer natural, to those people who feel that way...feel free to view another blog. No offense but when did becoming natural mean you had to follow a set of rules to keep your "natural card?"
 I am a firm believer that this journey should be fun, not full of judgment. Color does not make you less natural than the other person. Being natural is about embracing the hair you were born with. If you want to change the color go ahead, your texture will remain the same. Those people carrying pitch forks denouncing your natural crown are not completely au naturel themselves. If they ever wore braces, got their ears or nose pierced, painted their nail/toe see where I am going. Almost everyone has done something to enhance their appearance. They weren't born with diamonds affixed to their ears. We as women need to stop being so quick to judge and instead embrace each other. So, if you want to adorn your crowning glory with highlights or change it in its entirety, go ahead. We have been held back for too long because of the perception and judgement of others. Be free to be YOU!

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