Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wash Day Play-by-Play

Yesterday was a very eventful day for my hair and I. It involved a hot oil treatment (H.O.T), Pibbs Kwik Dry, Huetiful and Clairol Beautiful Collection in wine brown. I know it is a lot but there was a reason behind all of it (which will come in a later post).

Now to the hot oil treatment....

1/2 cup of avocado oil- moisturizes, nourishes and strengthen hair strands, protects from damage

 2 tsp of castor oil- anti-fungal, prevents dry and itchy scalp, emollient and humectant for hair
1 tbsp of cupuaca butter- benefits dry damage hair while protecting moisture and leaving hair soft


Fill a small pot up  half full with water
Place all of the ingredients above in a glass bowl
Set the glass bowl over the pot--make sure that the bowl fits properly on the pot and that the water is not touching the bottom of the bowl
Set your stove to  a medium heat (I used 4/5)
Heat up the oil enough just so the butter melts
Remove the glass bowl when everything is fully combined
Allow to cool for 5 minutes

Apply to hair in sections, fully saturate hair
Twist and tuck each section into itself ( this way you do not have an oil slick running down your back
*I found that apply the oil in sections over the bowl creates less mess

Cover your hair  with 2 shower caps--at this point you can decide to sit under a dryer/heat cap or just let your natural body heat do the work

You can shampoo your hair or co-wash at this point, it is up to your preference
I co-washed with Giovanni Tea Tree Conditioner

Depending on your hair texture you may need to detangle prior to adding the oil mixture but I found that once my hair was saturated the knots and tangles just melted away

I applied the color to my hair afterwards for 2 hrs.

Washed it out--Steamed and styled

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