Wednesday, January 25, 2012

How I clean my Huetiful Steamer

For Valentine's Day last year my boyfriend bought me a Huetiful Steamer after months of dropping hints. I am not going to do a review of the steamer because there are so many already out there. I live in Arizona and I deal with the problem of hard water.
I try to use my steamer at least once a month. Recently I noticed a white rough film starting to build up in the cup attachment and my steamer was starting to make a whistling noise. Conventional methods of water and soap were not working. So, I started researching to figure out a way to get my steamer back to new. I looked and looked on YouTube and all I could find was a few videos but none of them really addressed my problem. On Friday while at work I got my answer. One of my co-workers was complaining about the coffee pot not being cleaned. He suggested the workers on day shift should pour some vinegar in the water and run a cycle. Then it dawned on me, if I can use ACV to clarify my hair and get rid of mineral deposits why can't I use it in my steamer.
Of course I had to do a trial run. So first I filled the cup up with equal parts water and white vinegar and left it over night to see if it would work. In the morning I dumped it out and wallah my cup was back to new. I wish I would have taken pictures before my little project.
I used about a quarter cup of vinegar and filled the rest up with water to the max line and let it sit for a while so the heating coil could be cleaned. After 30 minutes I turned it on and let it run. What would you know, it worked. I now use distilled water but for those who just use regular tap water if you ever run into this problem give this a try and let me know how it turned out.

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